The "Baby"
Welcome to The River Run Farms web site.
River Run Farms came into being in 1992 when my wife and I, after a
long time looking, found the farm that we wanted. We started with about
220 acres located on Little River in South Christian County, Kentucky.
Though predominately row crop land, it featured some beautiful woods
and grassland too steep to crop and had, as a bonus, an old log cabin on
the river that was suitable for restoration.
River Run Farms is a working, crop producing outfit. We also raise and
sell Boer Goats.
With that being said, take a few minutes and browse
thru the site and if you're interested in Boer goats, we have them for sale.
Be sure to drop by the "Contact Us Page" and leave us a note.
"Just a little touch of Heaven on earth"
Sue Tyson and Buddy Hayes